How to comment

As you know, people are unique and different, we all like different things and want people to respect us in the way we want them to. Commenting is a way in which readers or viewers can connect with the creator to know a little more about that person. But the creator might have some “rules” on how they want people comment on their posts. Some of the comments might be helpful and respectful, and others, he/she would like to throw them in the trash. An example is, someone might write a sarcastic comment and the reader might think it is funny or maybe they would think it’s annoying.

First of all, I’m going to show you how to comment on my posts:

  1.  Go to the little speech bubble next to the tittle of the post and click on it.
  2.  Then, it will send you to the post you choose and at the bottom of it, you can see little boxes with comments and you write your comment on the last box where it says “Leave a Reply”
  3.  When you are finished writing it, you click “Post Comment”
  4.  Done!

Now let’s look at some things that you might think about when writing a comment.

Good Comments:

  • What you can write about
    • A part of the post that you like
    • Make a question
    • Write a fact
  • Grammar
    • Be careful with your spelling so the blogger understands your comment
    • Write full sentences
  • How to write it:
    • Write it respectfully
    • Don’t be very sarcastic
    • Write about what relates to the topic
  • Security
    • As when you are writing a post, don’t be too descriptive and don’t give too personal information.

By following this steps, your comments will look professional!