SBC 8 Let’s play a game or two

Hello everyone!

This week’s challenge is about visiting other’s blogs, leaving comments and writing a blog post abut who’s blogs you visited. I think this is a great activity because we get to work and share information with other bloggers as well as learn from them!

This week, I visited 3 blogs which I liked very much. Here are the blogs are the reasons why their blogs are so good:

Naho’s Blog

One of the things I most like about Naho’s blog is that it is super organized and it includes everything. At the beginning of each post, she has a couple of sentences explaining the week’s challenge so that we are all clear of what she is going to be talking about. She also includes beautiful pictures which helps the reader to follow along with the text as well as some links.

Here I commented on her very interesting blog post about Maui.

arg8 says:

Dear Naho,

Your blog is amazing! I specially liked the post on Maui. You include beautiful pictures and the paragraphs are very well written. In fall break, I went to visit one of the Spanish islands, Gran Canaria, and it was also very beautiful! What is the longest trip you have ever been in?

Congratulations on your blog!

Justin’s Blog

I love Justin’s Blog for one simple reason: His friendly voice towards the audience. All along his blog posts, he uses a type of writing as if the audience was his best friend. This is a very important thing because it invites the public to read in a very funny way.

Here I commented on his blog post about a very funny poem with a picture of an ostrich.

Hi Justin!

I really enjoyed reading your poem. I am from Spain, so I speak Spanish. That’s why I found your poem with Spanish rhyming words very funny! Good job writing it! If you had a power, would it be flying?
By the way, it’s azul, not azule 😉


Sadie’s Blog

It totally impressed me how informative a blog post can be. Sadie’s blog post about Endangered Animals – Sumatran Orangutans in danger of was short but it included all kind of information we want to know. This is great because the blog post doesn’t make the reader tired, but it informs him/her of what’s going on. Her pictures were also really good.

Here I commented on her post about Sumatran Orangutans which are in danger of  extinction.


Hi Sadie!

Your post on Sumatran Orangutans is very interesting! I love how you included so many facts and important information, for example, that they can memorize their forest like a map. The fact that surprised me the most is that there are only about 4000 Sumatran orangutans left in the world. That is too small!
What is your favorite animal?

Thanks for writing this informative post!

See you guys!

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