SBC4 Organizing a party

We always struggle to organize a party. We often doubt on whether our guests are going to like the games prepared, the food, the music or the decoration.

Here are some great and fun ideas and games for your party:


  • Gift game:

This is a fun game to give the guests a little present to thank them for coming. You can make different decorative sacs with different things inside them: Candy, bracelets, nail polish, stickers, thank you cards, cool pencils… Anything you want! Then, put each sac inside an ugly plastic bag and cover them in a way that no one can see what is inside. Next put all the gifts together in a big table. Take two decks of cards, it is better with the standard cards, but it also works with the UNO cards. Distribute all of the cards in the first deck to the guest and keep the other deck to yourself. Everyone’s packet of cards should be facing down. Lift the first card, show it to the guests and tell them to lift their first card. The person who has the same card as you, gets to pick the first gift from the table. The game proceeds until everyone has got their gift. The next person that gets the same card as you can switch gifts with whoever he/she wants. And finally, everyone can open their gifts!

  • Would you rather & Time’s up:

Would you rather questions are very fun when you have several questions planned out. To make sure you’ve got enough, collect questions out from any website and print them out. Then, cut them in pieces, fold them in four and put them inside a glass jar.

For time is up, you can do the same thing but with names of famous things like celebrities, movies, books, authors, actors… (make sure everyone knows the famous things). Here are the rules to play Time’s up: Divide the guests into 3 or 2 teams. Provide a number of famous things to imitate. The first round, they have to describe it. The second round, the have to describe with only one word. The third and final round, they have to act it out. After each round, you count the number of papers you got right and the one with most papers has won the round.


  • Lanterns:

Rounded paper lamps are the best for a birthday party specially if they are of different colors. They give a cheerful atmosphere whether they are lit up or not.

  • The “Selfie Corner”

Selfies can become more fun when using mustaches, bows, fancy glasses and hats right? You can put a fancy fabric or tablecloth in a wall and put some sticks with fancy drawings of accessories in a cup for people to take funny selfies. You can also provide hats, wigs or masks.


  • Fruit brochettes

This snack is healthy as well as very refreshing specially when living in a country like Senegal. Pick many different types of fruit like pineapples, mango, strawberries, oranges and watermelon. Keep them in the fridge for a good amount of time so they are cooler. Then, take different pieces and place them through a wood stick. Ready to go!

  • Mini pizzas

This lunch is easy and individual. Lather than having a big pizza for everyone, you can make mini pizzas so everyone has it’s own. You can even make them different for people’s taste. Some might not like olives in the pizza, others might like a lot of mushrooms, others might not want pork… This is a meal to please everyone!

Please, answer in the comment section some of this questions or make your own post about them, but remember to come back to leave your URL so I can visit your post:

What would be your ideal party?

What traditional games does your family play in parties?

What is the only thing you would extremely need to organize a party? (it can be fabric, drinks, games… )

172 thoughts on “SBC4 Organizing a party

  1. G’day Alicia,
    Can I use this post as part of next week’s challenge? I am having students visit other blogs.
    So students have something to answer, can you ask a question about parties at the end of your post eg

    What would be your ideal party? Leave a comment here or write your own post and remember to come back to leave your URL so I can visit your post.

    • Dear Miss W,
      I would be really happy if you used my post for the next week’s challenge.
      I have added some question about parties for others to answer:
      Please, answer in the comment section some of this questions or make your own post about them, but remember to come back to leave your URL so I can visit your post:

      What would be your ideal party?

      What traditional games does your family play in parties?

      What is the only thing you would extremely need to organize a party? (it can be fabric, drinks, games… )


      • Dear Alicia,
        My ideal party would be 80’s themed. The guests would be wearing poofy pink skirts or leather jackets with hair up high or slicked down. The drinks would be ice cream sodas with whipped cream and a cherry on top. The food would be burgers and fries and hot dogs. The games would be ring toss and musical chairs.

      • Hey Alicia,
        First of all, I love your name! My ideal party would probably be to have a giant sleepover. The thing that I would need the most would probably be games. We don’t really play any traditional games, but we do do a lot of other activities. Come visit my blog!

        From, Ella

  2. Hi Alicia,
    I love your post, I always loved planning parties. When ever my family plans something I rush in and start planning everything. Parties are really fun, so you want it to turn out great. Your ideas are great! Honestly, I think the most essential thing you need for a party are fun activities for everyone to enjoy.
    Gaurvi K
    My URL:

  3. Hi Alicia, I am Madison
    I love hosting parties, but sometimes I don’t know what to do at the party. So this really helped me. Have you ever thrown a party before? If so what did you do?

  4. Hi Alica,
    Hello, I am Kristin. I LOVE parties. When I saw about the “Selfie Corner” I knew I needed to have a party soon. Your blog was SO well written. But, one question. What would you do if the party was for adults? I am only asking this because of family. See, I love going to family events. And pretty much all of cousins are older than me. Most in the 25-40 age range. Also, how would you plan a birthday party for boys? This seems a little girly and my brothers are from liking any of it. Do you have any brothers? Thanks for reading my comment please check out my blog at:
    Keep blogging,

  5. Hi Alicia I really like your blog. I like how you put multiple ideas for party activities! When you were making the blog what was the age group you were making it for? What is your favorite activity? Please come check my blog out!

  6. Dear Alicia,
    I love your creative ideas about the different crafts and how you split the different crafts up into there own paragraph ! I think that one thing that you should keep doing is your pictures, they show great examples and automatically make the reader interested. The only thing that I would love to know is this a career that you would like to pursue when you get older?
    Good job,

  7. I love your blog,but what kind of parties do you like to organize,do you like to organize birthday parties,collage parties,baby showers or something else.

  8. Dear Alicia,
    I liked your blog post but one thing I would change / improve is maybe talking about parties you have had if any and talking about how they went besides that I loved your post an I am looking foreword to reading some of your other blogs if you do any more. I might try doing some of my parties like you explained.
    I would love if you visited my blog and left a comment

  9. Dear Alicia,
    I love organizing! Your party tips are so useful and I can’t wait to use them! I would like to know where you got these ideas! Please check out my blog! Dear Caleb,
    Isn’t it so funny that in the moment things could be so scary and later hilarious! I think it’s really cool you visited Egypt, but can you tell me why you went? Please check out my blog!

  10. Hi Alicia,
    I think your post about organizing a party is really helpful when you are having a party! I have a couple questions for you!
    How do you play Would You Rather?
    What music do you usually play at a party that you are holding?
    Can you please visit my blog? The link is
    Emma H

  11. Alicia,
    I really liked your blog as it reminded me of my little pony, I don’t know why I watched my little pony, but I did. Anyway the blogs reminded me of Pinkie Pie and what she would do. My family doesn’t really “do” parties. But if I did want a party I would want it to be a “Male Sweet Sixteen” or something.

  12. Dear Alicia,
    Two of my favorite party games that my family plays are Guess the Amount in this game you are supposed to guess the amount of Jelly Beans in a jar and whoever wins gets a small prize. My other favorite game is this one game when someone throws lots of coins or something small and people stand around them and try to catch them with a plastic cup and who ever collects the most wins.
    Natalie V.

  13. Dear Alicia,

    One thing that I extremely need to organize at a party would be the food. Usually for any of my parties my mom rents a taco truck. Sometimes my aunts bring rice or beans as a side dish. My mom loves to organize the food in a way that is so easy. If you are going from left to right you grab your tortilla first, then your choice of meat. After you can either put grilled onions, hot sauce or coriander. I you love to party plan, do you plan your own parties or do you plane your parties with your mom? Make sure to come and check out my blog as well, here is the link:

    Giselle M.

  14. Dear Alicia, I like your ideas for your parties and maybe I can use one for my birthday with my friends. I really like the one about the cards because it is very creative and fun.


  15. Dear Alicia,
    the gift game sounds super fun and I love the lantern idea! What had given you the ideas or inspiration to create these fun activities and decorations for a party?


    Come check out my blog!

  16. Dear Alicia,
    I love parties, they are always so fun. They are super fun especially when you get to hang out with your friends. My ideal party would just a house party with lunch and a few friends over. When ever I have a party I either go big, or go small, or go with friends. I usually only play games if it is big, or with family. When that happens it will normally be based on the theme of the party. A few years ago, I had a carnival themed party where we had ring toss, and bean bag toss. Normal games we play are kind of like a secret Santa type of game except, you get a number and that number is the gift you get. You can also choose to take someones gift, if you aren’t number 1, then the person that you toke there gift takes another gift from the pile. Some things I need at a party are defiantly lemonade or water and pizza. Oh and cake because you can’t have a party without food, drinks, or cake. What is your ideal party?


    P.s. sorry if I made the game sound confusing

  17. Dear Alicia,
    I think I am going to try these games or ideas with my family of friends because these seem really fun to do. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Dear Alicia,
    I love your blog post Its so interesting on all the things you can do on a party for decoration I love all the tips and i´m sure this will help out for my dads birthday that is coming up.

  19. Dear Alicia,
    Wow! I heard some amazing ideas that I might wan to try for my 2017 Christmas party. I like the game ideas! I would really like to try would you rather, times up, and the gift game. The gift game is such a unique idea. I will have to try that.
    Also, I really like the food you have included. I would really like to try the fruit brochettes. It sounds super yummy. Thank you if you read this comment. It means a lot.

  20. Dear Alicia,
    I like how you added pictures to show the idea and i think these are really creative and these tips are great for my dads up coming birthday party thank you for sharing these great hacks with us.

  21. Dear Alicia,
    Your article is amazing! My birthday is coming very veryb soon and I know that I will use this article for some inspiration. A traditional party that my family usally plays is where you tie a donut to a string and you have to try to eat it in under 1 minute 30 seconds. Somthing that is a must have is food,the guest MUST be fed! Any ways my ideal party would be where you have a crafting corner and a area for seeing animals (those are my 2 favorite things). Thank you for your AMAZING blog post! If you have time check out mine!

    Here is a link for my blog post!

  22. Dear Alicia,
    My ideal party would be an 80’s themed party with everyone wearing poofy skirts or leather jackets with their hair really high up or slicked down. The drinks would be ice cream soda’s with whipped cream and a cherry on top. The games would be Ring Toss and Musical Chairs.

  23. Dear Alicia
    I would like to answer some of the questions
    1. My ideal party would be just like the plans in your post because it seems like fun idea of food and games and it also sounds fun.
    2.Some games my family plays is who can run the fastest and it is were the kids run and try to get to the prize first.We also do who can stay on the bull the longest.We do this with a mechanical bull we rent but we do it every other party because mechanical bulls are very expansive to rent for 7 hours.
    Those are my answers to your questions


    PS:please try to visit my blog at
    thank you.

  24. Dear Alicia,
    I really like how you put directions to the games. My ideal party would be all my family, lights, challenges, games, food (of course), and decorations. When we have parties we don’t have tradition games, we usually just find games that we think are cool. My thing would be decorations because that is what a party is about and it matters how a party looks.
    Jaya M

  25. Dear Alicia,
    I think your blog post was very good, in fact I will use these tips to help me plan for a birthday party. I like your questions so I think I would like to answer. The first question is: What would be your ideal party? I don’t really know, but I love to decorate and I think that might answer your question. Overall I loved reading your blog post

  26. Dear Alicia,
    Hi! I am Abbie S. I really like your blog about parties! I also did the “selfie corner” and I played a game at my friends party, where you play music and pass the nail polish around. Then you stop the music and the nail polish you have you paint one nail with. I also did a game (at the same party) where you are with a partner and you or your partner are blind folded. Then you have makeup and the blind folded person has to do your makeup without looking! These games were really fun. I think you should try them. I also did a candy game at my party where you start with one candy then you roll the dice. If you roll a 1 you pass your candy to the right. If you roll a 2 you pass your candy to the left. If you roll a 3 you eat your candy. And if you roll a 4, 5, or 6 you keep your candy. I also decorated my house with paper machete flowers that we made, and we decorated with balloons. These are some things I think you should try!

  27. Dear Alicia,

    I like your blog. I think it is a great idea. My ideal party would be any type of party because I like to help plan them out. My family doesn’t play games at parties. Instead, they entertain people. I would extremely need games to organize a party.


  28. Dear Alicia,
    I have just finished reading your post and it was so useful and amazing! I saw your three questions so I would like to answer the first one. The first one was what would be your ideal party and my ideal party would be for the first holiday of the year and that is New Years so I would make these cute little fireworks and everyone could decorate cookies. What do you think about my party? If you ever want to check out some blogs here are mine:

  29. Dear Alicia,
    I think this was amazing and creative! I will be defiantly using these little examples for a fun party! What’s one thing you don’t like parties and what’s one thing you do like about parties?

    My ideal party would be out to the movies.

    Some traditional games that my family plays is loteria.

    For my family we organize by putting out goodie bags with spicy candy. Then we get banners that say happy birthday or just something to represent that holiday.

    Sincerely AngieS,

  30. Hi Alicia! To answer your question, my ideal party would have many coklorful decorations and fun games. I loved your post and you have inspired me to plan a party! Also, I was wondering…… If you could have any kind of party you wanted, what would it be like? Also please check out my blog:

  31. Dear Alicia,
    I have never organized a party in real life before. But I have in Minecraft. I made it in a park that I made all by myself. I made a pretend tent, set up tables, put potted flowers on them, and more! Then I invited my friend over to the server for her birthday, along with some other classmates, and she was mind blown. It might not have been real, but she still loved it. How many parties have you ever organized?

    Also, check out this link to my blog post, which answers your questions.

  32. I like all these Ideas for party planning. My favorite one is probably the Selfie Corner one. I think that you are right when you say that mustaches, hats, glasses ect. makes selfies way more fun. Would you like your birthday party to be more friends or family?

  33. Dear Alicia, your blog was awesome. I loved the way you explained how to make and use everything you talked about. There are a bunch of great ideas in this post that I will remember for party’s in the future. I didn’t catch any mistakes so this blog is very well edited. You can look at my blogs at It was a great story. I was intrigued the whole time. Do you think your parents knew it was like that before? I love how you gave so much detail about everything. I would tell you if there was some mistakes but there is not! I loved your blog. Come and cheek out my blogs at

  34. Hi Alicia,

    What is the only thing that we need for a great party? There is only one reason why I want to go to a party: for joy and happiness. Happiness fits in almost every corner of a party.

    Best wishes,

    • Dear Meredith,
      thank you very much for your comment. I am glad you also enjoyed making the mini pizzas! If I could throw a party with no limits, I would go with my friends to a place with trampolines and I would also like to go rollerblading with them in a park.I checked out your blog and I really liked it, specially the poem about autumn because it is my favorite season! What do you like to do on an autumn afternoon?

  35. Dear Alicia
    I found that your post is interesting and informative. My Ideal party would be a party with friends and family at the beach. The only thing that I would extremely need is food and drinks. And video games. The only traditional games we play is hide and seek.

    • Dear Maxwell,
      thank you for your comment and answering my questions! I agree that going to the beach would be an ideal thing to do in a party, however, something that I would really need to celebrate it would be ice cream. What is your favorite food?

    • Dear Farrah,
      thank you for your comment and for your post about organizing parties! I checked it out and I though it was great! I also left a comment on it.

  36. Dear Alicia,
    I love the game and food ideas. The gift one is my personal favorite. Maybe one day if I host a party I will use that idea.

    • Dear Riley,
      thank you for your comment. I completely agree with you, the gift game is my favorite too! However, what do you think you would put inside each little sac?

  37. For your last questions I think the most important thing that needs to be is the food and drinks. What do you think is the most important?

    • Hi Emma!
      I would agree, food and drinks are very important for a party, but I would find more important to have a swimming pool for the guest to swim and refresh (although it depends on what season it is) because it is a very fun activity.

  38. Hello Alicia,
    I loved your blog post. I liked how you used more than one idea for a party. My ideal party would be very organized, but it never really turns out that way. What is your favorite party game?

    • Hi Meredith!
      Thank you for your comment! It makes me very happy that you liked my blog post. I have the same problem as you. When I organize a party, I plan many games and organize it in a very specific way, but it never ends up being how I planned, although it ends up being very fun too! My favorite game without doubt, would be the gift game. How about you? What is your favorite party game?

  39. Dear Alicia,
    I really like this blog post and your party ideas. I will definitely use at least one of these at my next birthday party. I especially like the would-you-rather jar and the selfie corner. What gave you these cool ideas?

    • Dear Camryn,
      thank you for your nice comment. Yes, the selfie corner and the would-you-rather jar games are very fun. Where I took this ideas from is a very good question. I learned to play the gift game when I was in 7th grade when we played this game at my friend’s house when she celebrated her birthday, I though it was a great game. With my family, we play a lot of time is up, and it always ends up being super fun and entertaining. I got the selfie corner idea by going to my favorite shop called “Flying Tiger” were they sold the mustache sticks and I decided that it would be fun to create a selfie corner since most of my friends love taking selfies.
      In your opinion, what would be the best place to host a party?

    • Hi Jillian!
      thank you for your nice comment. Yes, the selfie corner is a very fun game to play specially when you have a lot of props. I got this idea by going to my favorite shop called “Flying Tiger”. I saw mustache sticks, and I knew I needed to create a selfie corner for the same reason you said: selfies are very popular right now.
      I checked out your blog. It’s great! In the “What is your family like” post, I liked that you wrote with a lot of information, examples of your own family and links from were you got your information from.

  40. Hi Alicia,
    First of all, amazing job on your post! I like how you categorized your different party elements into sections. This was helpful and inspiring for me, since I am celebrating and having a party with a few of my friends for my birthday. My favorite activity that you listed was times up. It made me think of one of my favorite games, charades. When my family has a party, we play charades, twister, and Sorry. Keep up the great work! Here is the link to my blog:

  41. \

    Hi hmsshayann here,
    Fruit brochettes looking like a snack that I would like to try. I would like to try it because you can put any type of fruit. Those ideas are great!


  42. Hi Alicia! This is one of my favorite posts listed on the blogging challenge week six! I actually have a Christmas party that my family and I have been hosting for two years. This year will be our third. We always plan fun games and snacks, but this post was a real game changer for me. I will for sure use these ideas, and my family and the people we invite will probably have more fun than last year’s party!
    You asked what my ideal party would be, and a lot of things came to mind. My ideal party would be outer-space themed party, with the lights turned dark, lanterns placed randomly, planet/star-shaped snacks, and outer-space games.
    You also asked the traditional games we play. In general, when the family wants a game night, we play “The Game of Life,” which is a board game. At parties, we play this board game called “Werewolf” which is less popular, but is by far my favorite. We also like to play “Truth or Dare,” “Kiss, Marry, Kill,” and “Would You Rather.”
    The last thing you asked was what I need to organize a party (or make sure it is successful). That would definitely be a check list to make sure I have everything, or food because some of my friends and my sister are vegetarians, and some of us aren’t.
    Now for my questions; what is your favorite kind of party to throw? How many parties have you hosted? Lastly, what it your favorite snack food at parties? Thanks, and if you want to check out my blog, go to

  43. Hi Alicia! My name is Bianca, I love parties (I mean who doesn’t?). My ideal party would be an escape room party where we would set up a room (or two) with puzzles and we have the whole party (two or three hours) to get out for cake. My family doesn’t really play games that is really for when we were like three. As for what I would really need to organise a party well that would have to be dates because without dates we wouldn’t know if people could come or not and then there would be no party!!

    All the best,

    (Ps. Check out my blog!!

  44. Hi its hmsnoika,

    I see that you know how to set up a party. It was very interesting to see how you would organize a party. Please go check my site:::

  45. Dear Alicia,
    I have enjoyed reading your post about ”organizing a party”. My ideal party would be with friends and family going anywhere. I personally have never been to a friends party. So I was wondering how does it feel to be surrounded by your friends and having a nice party?

  46. Hi Alicia,
    I really liked your post because it was really descriptive and you gave out a lot of tips to have a great party. If you had an unlimited budget, what is the something you would like to buy to make your party even better? Checkout my blog
    – Karel

  47. Hi Alicia,
    I Think that all of those Ideas are amazing! When My next Birthday comes I am definitely going to use these Ideas. This post was amazing not just the ideas the whole post was amazing.
    You can check out my blog if you want. What I extremely need for a party is food water and fun.

  48. Hi Alicia,
    I really love your post, all of the ideas that you suggested for a great party sounds fun! When my birthday rolls around I think I’ll do some of the fun stuff you suggested! I am the kind of person that loves to make parties fun and something people will never forget. Your blog definitely deserves to be on the student blogging challenge. My ideal party would be on the beach with music and balloons, what I would extremely need for the party is food and drinks. My family tradition is to have a friend party, a whole family party, and a tiny party on my actual birthday. Nice job!
    Check out my blog below:


  49. Aloha Alicia,
    Hey! Hi, I’m Taylor and I’m from Honolulu, Hawaii. I loved your post about organizing parties like this! These are very creative things that you thought of. You’re like the blog version of LaurDIY!
    My ideal party would be like a fun day with all of my friends at like a pool or something and then a sleepover after.
    My family doesn’t have any traditional games but during New Year’s we always eat mochi soup!
    I would say something fun to do. Without that, your guests would probably be bored.
    I really enjoyed your blog! Thanks for the good read! Come check out my blog!

  50. i

    I like how original it is. You make it so excellent I like to make things cool too. Your selfie is my favorite, Silly is my middle name with a mustache.Thank you for posting this, you have great thoughts, keep posting

    from, hmsNicolas

  51. Dear Alicia, I really appreciate your post on “Organizing a Party”. My ideal party would be playing paintball and going to the pool with all my friends! The Selfie Corner looked very interesting, I am looking forward to doing it for my next birthday party! Thank you! Do you have any Christmas movie suggestions to watch?
    Ines Ladjal

  52. Dear Alicia
    This was a very informational post and I really enjoyed reading it. My ideal party is one that has a lot of good food and fun activities. Something that me and my family always do at parties is watch football. I think the one thing most needed at a party is food, because everyone loves food! Please comment on my blog here:


  53. Dear Alicia,
    Your post has a lot of really amazing ideas for games to play at parties. One of my favorite games that I have played with my family at parties is charades. What is your favorite game that you have played with you family at parties?

  54. Hi Alicia,
    I really liked your post. Everything was so detailed, so it is easy to follow. At my school, we play a game sort of like ‘Time’s Up’, but instead of celebrities, we use it for vocabulary words. First round is definition, second round is charades, and third round is one word. Sometimes we have a fourth round which is just noises, and everyone in the group has to guess the noise without watching the person making the noise. It is really funny. Come check out my blog!:

  55. Hi Alicia!
    Great post!!! I enjoyed reading it, and I think I kinda know how to organize a party now. 🙂 Oh no! I almost forgot, I am Naho from Hongwanji Mission School in Hawaii. Answering your last question, I think that food is the most important thing and the thing you extremely need to organize a party. Everyone likes food and food bring people together. Comment on my blog at


  56. Hi Alicia!
    Great post!!! I enjoyed reading it, and I think I kinda know how to organize a party now. 🙂 Oh no! I almost forgot, I am Naho from Hongwanji Mission School in Hawaii. Answering your last question, I think that food is the most important thing and the thing you extremely need to organize a party. Everyone likes food and food bring people together. Comment on my blog at


  57. Dear Alicia,
    I really enjoyed reading your post about Organizing a party. My ideal party would be with friends and family, and a lot of colors. My families party tradition is that every chirstmas party we play this game called, “Not so secret santa.” It’s basically a game where everyone brings gifts and the youngest goes first and chooses a random gift, and then oldest goes last. You can trade but you aren’t allowed to take home the gift that you gave. I one thing that I would extremely need to organize a party would be games becasue a lto of people get bored really easily. I really like the idea about the gift game. What is your favorite food at a party. Come and comment on my blog @

  58. Hi Alicia,
    What’s kind of fun with my family is that we have this family tradition card game. We play it whenever we have a holiday party or for a birthday or something like that, and it is so much fun. My ideal party would also be with plenty of fun, sort-of-competitive games, but I don’t really know what games I should do. What are some kind of fun, athletic, competitive games I can play with my friends and family at a party?
    Thanks, Fiona
    Come visit my blog!

  59. Wow good job! That gave me a lot of idea’s for my birthday party. What about organizing a holiday like Christmas or Thanks Giving?

  60. Dear Alicia
    My ideal party would be at basketball courts. I love basketball, and I think it would be cool if I could just rent a court for the day, and then just play basketball. It would also be really fun to have the selfie corner, and be able to take funny pictures.

    visit my blog

    From Henry

  61. Dear Alicia
    I really liked your post about ” SBC4 Organizing a party” I will use these idea’s to make a party. What’s your favorite type of party? My favorite party was one I had on a beach.

  62. Dear Alicia ,
    I love your blog I might try doing my party like you explained. I loved how you explained each and every detail. 1 thing I would change is maybe try telling about parties you have thrown . Also another thing you could have done is how parties you have thrown went and if all the guests enjoyed the party.You should visit my blog sometime at the link below.I am looking foreword to reading the rest of your blogs.

  63. Dear Alicia,
    I really liked your blog post. You really know how to organize a party. When you grow up, do you want to be a person who decorates/organizes parties? Thank you for posting this amazing blog. I will definitely take a look at this blog if I need help planning a party.
    -Sincerely, Bentley Mendoza

  64. Dear Alicia,
    What about drinks? Should you do makeup at a party? Your games were very cool. My personal favorite was the selfie corner.

  65. Hey, Alicia! Your post is really interesting and the plans you came up with are all the things you would need at a party- food, games, and decoration. My ideal party would be a sleepover party with some of my best friends. I would try some of your games and maybe find a few more on Pinterest. I would make sure it has a chill, but fun atmosphere. Some games I have played in the past are freeze dance, gift exchange, painting, and decorating your own cupcake. Something I need to have a party is probably a creative activity. Whether it is art or baking or hair styling I like to have something to express myself. Please check out my blog:

  66. Dear Alicia,
    I really liked your post about throwing parties. My favorite tip you gave was about the lanterns, and I also liked the tips about food. My ideal party would be with friends and the party would probably be at my house. I don’t think I have ever been to one of my friend’s party, and I don’t think I have ever thrown a party. When my family throws a party the games we have are usually like a card game.
    Come visit my blog at

    • Dear Graeson,

      thank you for your comment. I like your idea of having a DJ for a party, it can be very entertaining for the guest and they can have a lot of fun!
      I checked your blog, it was very interesting and I specially enjoyed reading the blog post about what you would do if you were the principal of your school.


  67. Dear Alicia,
    I really like that you described every activity clearly. I am looking forward to doing the selfie corner activity. My ideal party would be to play soccer, go to paintball and go to the pool with my friends. Do you have any suggestions for a Christmas movie?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Ines!
      thank you for your nice comment! It would be great if you used the selfie corner activity for a party, its really fun! My brother has been several times to a paintball, and I’m exited to try one! A Christmas movie I enjoy a lot is “Home Alone”. I have watched it like three times with my cousins and I never get bored of watching it!


  68. Hey Alicia,
    Your party ideas are so original and cool, I wish you could plan my party! Another funny thing you could do with the gift game is put huge bags and small bags on the table, then give the big bags to some people and the small ones to others- it is so funny to watch their expressions when they have the same things! Thanks for posting such a good blog. Come visit my blog-
    Thanks again!

    • Dear Brooke,
      thank you for your comment as well for your awesome suggestion! I checked out your blog, it’s awesome! I specially liked the video showing pictures of things you like or enjoy. I also like backing, although I prefer eating the sweets rather than eating them 😉 What is your favorite cupcake flavor? Mine is chocolate.

      Hope to hear from you soon!

    • Hi!
      Thank you, I’m glad you liked my party post, I really enjoyed writing it! Which activity, decoration or snack is your favorite?

  69. I enjoyed reading your post and I really liked how you added pictures. I liked how you gave us directions on what to do for example when you told us what to do about the fruit.

  70. Hey, I really liked you blog post. I thought all your ideas were really cool. My favorite was the selfie corner. Your games were awesome!!!!

    • Hi!
      Thank you! I am glad you liked the ideas on my blog post! I like the selfie corner too, but the one I mostly like is the gift game. What would be the perfect movie to watch at a party?


  71. Dear Alicia,
    I loved reading your post! It had many great ideas. Once my friends and I set up a photo booth and it was so much fun. Also, that is a great idea to do the fruit on wooden sticks. Next time I organize a party I will remember your post and all the great ideas on it.

    • Hi!

      Thank you for your nice comment! The photo booth is very similar to the selfie corner but they both make the guests have an awesome time, right? Yes, you should definitely try the fruit brochettes, they are delicious! What are your favorite accessories to take a picture with the selfie corner?


    • Dear Karli,

      Thank you for your comment, I am glad you liked the ideas I posted. My favorite one is the gift game. You are right, the pizza is and sounds delicious! 😉


  72. Hi Alicia,

    I loved all of your party I ideas!! They were really cool! I am going to use them for my next party!! I really liked the effort that you put into this post it was very informational.
    Here’s my link come check out my blog!
    My Blog!

    • Hi Ally!
      Thank you for your comment! I am glad you liked the ideas for a party and I would really like if you used them someday!

  73. Hello Alicia,

    I love you ideas of what to do at a party! I especially love the gifts one. I would definitely use your idea someday at parties. I like how your posts are easy to understand and organized.

    Sincerely Fern,

    • Dear Fern,

      Thank you for your nice comment! I love the idea of the gift game too, and it is probably my favorite one. I would love if you used this ideas for your party someday!


    • Dear Meghan,

      Thank you for your comment! I think it’s a great idea to go out to some fun place with family and friends, but to what place would you like to go? Maybe a cinema?


  74. Dear Alicia,
    This was a very informational post and I really enjoyed reading it. My ideal party is one that has a lot of good food and fun activities. Something that me and my family always do at parties is watch football. I think the one thing most needed at a party is food, because everyone loves food! Please comment on my blog here:


    • Dear Isabella,

      thank you for your feedback! It amazed me a lot that your family tradition in parties is to watch football, my brother would be more than happy to do that! I agree, food is very important for a party!


  75. I think your blog is really cool! If I was ever going to organize a party I would definitely visit your blog. I really like your game ideas. How did you come up with the games?

    • Hi Mack!
      Thank you for the nice feedback! Most of the games like the gift game and the time is up, I have learned those from birthday parties I have experienced. While for the selfie corner, I came up with the idea when I saw the accessories in a shop and since selfies are so popular, I thought it would be a great idea to use it for a party.

      Which activity was your favorite?

    • Hi AJ!
      I love candles! I specially like to put them in my bedroom but my mom doesn’t always let me do so. I think they would be safe for a party if you always have an eye on them. I checked your blog and the picture I like the most about the “MY 5 PICTURE STORY AND THE LIVING PUMPKIN” post, is the one with the puppy.
      What is your favorite candle scent?

    • Hi Bella!
      Thanks for the comment! Which activity was your favorite?
      I checked your blog, and I really enjoyed the post “My Christmas traditions” since Christmas is my favorite holiday!

    • Hi Adrianna,

      thank you so much for the nice comment!
      I often write my posts as if I was talking to someone, but not making it sound to strict with loads of information, and not making it sound as if I was talking to my BFF either with a poor amount of text and vocabulary. I also like to use different fond colors and sizes as well as underlines, bold and italics text to make the texts look easier to read for the reader. Images also help give the reader a visual about what you are talking about. And lastly, I like to organize my text into different paragraphs and categories. For example, in this post, I divided the activities into three categories: 1) Games, 2) Decoration, and 3) snacks.
      I hope it helped!


    • Hi Alyssa!

      My favorite game in the list is the gift game first of all because I like little details and because I love receiving gifts! What about you? Which one did you like best?


  76. I love the way you told us about how you plan parties and i can relate it is so hard to plan the ideal party! One question is this how you plan parties?

    Check me out @

    • Hi Olivia!
      Thanks for your comment. I agree with you, my favorite game was the gift exchange. My favorite party, I think it was in my friends house where we had a sleepover, watched some movies and painted our faces. It was so fun!


  77. Hey Alicia,
    I really enjoyed reading your post for the simple fact that it has great ideas and party requests. What would your dream party be? Any specific location and expectations?
    Thanks! And also make sure to check out my blog:
    – Jasmine

    • Hi Jasmine!
      Thanks for your comment! My dream party would be hosting a big sleepover with a lot of movies to watch and fun board games. How about you?

  78. Hi Alicia,

    I was wondering what your favorite holiday is. My favorite holiday is Christmas because I get to see my family from Florida and Ohio.

    Grace W.

    • Hi Grace,
      My favorite holiday is Christmas too. In this time of the year, I go to Spain, see my family and enjoy the weather!


  79. hey there Alicia!

    Im new to blogging and my teacher gave us a list of great examples of sites to visit (yours was on it!). I also love party planning and i think your blog is great!

    – Ella

  80. Dear,

    This is a really good post! I love your idea for the “Selfie Corner”. I know some of the people I know love posting selfies. You have many great ideas about decorations, but my favorite part was the food.

  81. Dear, Alicia
    This was a very interesting blog! It’s very cool that you have so many ideas for party decorations, party games and party foods. My favorite part of your blog was when you gave ideas for gifts\games. Great job!

  82. Dear, Alicia
    This blog is so interesting! Thanks for giving me ideas for a party they’re very creative! My favorite part of your blog was the food ideas.

  83. Amazing Blog! I have been looking for ideas for parties! Every year we have a Christmas party at my home. WIth your help, this years party will be even better! What’s your favourite kind of party?
    Keep up the great work,

  84. Aloha! hey Alicia! Sorry so late, my comment must have not went in the first time. Hi, I’m Taylor. I live in Honolulu, Hawaii. I loved you post about organizing parties! These ideas were awesome. These are the things I like to watch on YouTube so reading this was a blast! My ideal party would probably be like a Flash or Arrow themed one. My family kinda plays games but not all the time. For me, the most important thing would be food because my friends and I eat a lot of food when we have sleepovers and parties. How did you come up with these ideas? They’re awesome! Come check out my blog! Thanks for the good read!

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